iOS app needed immediately based on Parse's open source app Anypic

iOS app needed immediately based on Parse's open source app Anypic


Job Description


This project is based on the open source app called 'Anypic' created by Parse.

Backend for this project will be by Parse.

I need an app that allows a user to take pictures of a product they would like to sell, and post them for other users to see.

Please see the tutorial as the base for the open source.

The app should have the following functions:

- Picture of Item (Already built into the open source code)
- Title
- Description of Item
- Price
- Location of post-Item (Using Geolocation)
- Search- ability to search posts by "title" keywords
- Parse Push Notifications (Included in the open source app)

The app will have other features that will be discussed upon developer selection.

The app will function similar to instagram- post picture of item, followers can see picture, followers can see details of post (title, description, # of miles away from user's current position (geolocation), likes etc.

I will also need simple re-branding of the open source app

App Designs contributed will be from either or

End result should function similarly to Foro

So please download these applications prior to submitting a proposal.

Please list any similar applications that you've worked on as well.

To let me know you fully read the description and that you aren't a bot please tell me the answer to this math problem. 11+34 = ?

Delivery of completed or testable build needs to be delivered by August 10th via Testflight or UDID. August 10th is the absolute latest the first build can be delivered. Final payment will be distributed upon acceptance into app store.