Exceptional Engineer Experienced in Rechargeable Battery Technology


Job Description

Are you an engineer or technician with exceptional knowledge in the rechargeable battery technology? Can you work with lithium ion batteries? Can you create a design for connecting USB ports to such batteries for charging and discharging the battery?

I am looking for someone that can help me design or source parts for a portable battery charger for mobile devices. Although there are hundreds of pre-made lithium ion batteries in the market, I need something that can fit the dimensions and power requirements for my needs. Whether you design something from scratch or find existing hardware that would work, I don’t care. I just need assistance with this project so that I end up with a solution that can be mass-produced at a great price.

In order to secure an interview, you must meet the following criteria:

1) You must have an exceptional command of English both verbal and written.
2) You have an excellent portfolio of projects you have worked on.
3) Please have at least 3 references I may contact regarding your work.
4) Minimum of 300 hours or 10 projects on oDesk and 4.5/5.0 star ratings.
5) You must be able and willing to have a Skype video chat with me.

If you are interested in this job, please provide the above information as well as tell me about your favorite technology and why. This helps me know whether you took the time to read this posting in full.

Thank you.