Press Release Writer For Technology Company Releases

Press Release Writer For Technology Company Releases


Job Description

We are looking for a press release writer that can write press releases that will be of interest to the tech sector/industry and the marketing industry. Either you are a journalist, or a publicist who knows the industry.

The press releases will go out via BusinessWire and PRWeb, and if you have contacts with tech/marketing/advertising publications/blogs/etc., there will be bonuses paid out if you can help place the release on their platform.


* You MUST have experience writing press releases

* You have a track record of press releases being picked up and approved with minimal revising needed

* Your English is impeccable. There are no grammar errors or spelling errors in your press releases, and the language is easy to understand

* You are an expert in AP style writing, you know how to write a press release and the rules/steps required.

* A plus if you are a journalist or have a journalistic background/education.

If you have contacts in media, you will be rewarded for placements.

We are looking for someone we can work with on a consistent basis if possible.

You will need to sign a full NDA and non-compete agreement.

Skills: marketing, english, grammar