Data entry tool in ShowUI (Powershell)


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I am in need for a tool to input booking data like amount, date, source account, target account and possibly some remark. Manipulation of past records would also be great. I'd like it to be done in ShowUI, as it is an efficient way to create GUIs and because I'd be able to tweak it myself that way.

Most important is the efficient operation (via the keyboard), so things like the use of templates is in consideration. Something like: Type name of template (or only first few letters), press enter, have most of the fields already filled in, change only those, that are not defined in the template, next.

Protection from "dumb users" is not required, as I'll be the only one using it ;-)

I'll have more precise requirements as work starts. I am thinking all should be done in 10 to 15 hours, if the developer knows what he/she is doing. I'd like to discuss new requirements on a day to day basis and would like you to invest two to three hours here and there. During development communication and reliability are most important.

I am sure if we get this project of the ground efficiently, I'll come up with many more things to implement!!

Please let me know what you have already done in ShowUI when you apply!

P.S. To give you a slightly better idea, I have attached what I already have

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