Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy


Job Description

We are hiring a developer/engineer to create only the beginning of an application. If this milestone is completed well, there will be more work immediately. The requirements are as follows:

This deliverable involves two devices
1) 1 Smartphone
2) 1 Bluetooth Low Energy Chip (Texas Instruments SENSOR - CC2541) or similar chip.

Coding Involved:
1) App development (Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5).
2) Programming firmware of Bluetooth LE chip to execute sound Alert when proximity rule has been broken.

1) Pair two Bluetooth devices upon entering a certain proximity of each other. (Bluetooth LE chip to phone) (Master/slave configuration in that order)
2) Once paired, Set Alert level to High Alert (sound) on Slave (i.e. phone) if pairing is broken [PROXIMITY PROFILE]
3) If alert level not deactivated AND proximity exceeds a preset value then sound alert on secondary and phone AND send txt to predefined contacts with message and the following data (gps loc,

4) Disable Alert when user selects this option from app or physically presses button on chip to disconnect
5) Enable Alert when new pairing connection is made (i.e. Bluetooth Chip connects with phone.

6) Knowledge of Generic Access Profile (GAP) and Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) required
7) Knowledge of writing firmware/code specific to Bluetooth LE chip technology is required
8) Knowledge of mobile application development required

For completion of this project, please have the app software up and running on a development web server it can accessed to test its functionality as described.
Also please provide the equivalent hex/firmware file containing the code used to program the Bluetooth LE (Texas Instruments SENSOR - CC2541) chip as described.

VERY IMPORTANT: To separate you from the spammers, please write "CONDI LOGIC" as the first line of your bid. We will delete all bids that do not start with this phrase, since most bidders never

read the requirements. Thank you for being one who does.


Conditional Logic Ltd.