Trade show coordinator

Trade show coordinator


Job Description

We are looking for someone to be coordinate and manage attendance of our company at trade shows and exhibitions.

You will need:

- experience with and understanding of the trade show environment
- ability to liaise with designers to prepare promotional materials
- ability to plan a schedule and work to it
- ability to organise staff for training, attendance and so on
- to be available during Australian business hours when needed
- confidence and experience liaising with expo managers, freight companies
- experience managing all aspects of a trade show event from start to finish
- to work to a budget for materials, freight, staff and so on
- reliable internet, a headset, and available for skype / phone if needed
- absolutely impeccable English and ability to use vernacular.

You will be:
- identifying key opportunities for trade shows or exhibitions in our industry
- liaising with the trade show staff to work out all requirements such as document deadlines, freight deadlines, stall design requirements etc.
- working under the director and using skype, basecamp and project management tools to keep on top of what's going on.

About us:

- we're an Australian company in the breastfeeding & pregnancy industry (so let us know about your familiarity with these - if you have a baby or relevant industry experience, that's great).
- we attend about 8 exhibitions / trade shows a year and want your help to really leverage these events for maximum brand awareness
- we have a small team and are looking to expand our team, as we're growing fast.

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