research Paper

research Paper


Job Description

Identify a problem that one can research. Feel free to use one that has been previously researched, however you will need to have your own take on it.

Write a paper that describes the problem and the plan of attack for it. Use the following sections as the outline for the paper:

• Introduction: an brief description of what the paper entails
• Problem: a concise description of the problem to be researched. Keep if brief but complete.
• Significance: Depict the problem in through the world view. Where is it juxtaposed in the world and why does this research play an important part?
• Literature Review: find three sources from “scholarly” publications to support aspects of the research. Write a description for each of these articles that connects each of them to each other and to the research. Use appropriate in-text citation formatting with APA.
• Research Plan: outline where, how, and in what order the research would be conducted
• Expected Results: describe the nature of the results and what could be done with them. That is, summarize what the results are and what they can be used for.
• Citation list: use APA reference list citation formatting. (4 scholarly references minimum)

Use the bullets above as the sections of your paper. The paper has a maximum page limit of 7.