Job Description

Price Quotation for photo sharing apps for iOs, android and webserver and web interface.

Hi, I would like a price Quotation for a project.
It is a photo sharing app.
The users should be able to log in to a shared account, send all their pictures in a closed group.
We need app’s for iPhone and android devices. And we need the backend sever part as well.

A typical use case would be:
20 people are going to a party. They all download the app and sign in. the app gives the choice if all following pictures should automatically or if the user want to selected the pictures individually. When a picture is uploaded, only the members of the group can see them.
Is there is bad network condition, the app should store the images and upload them, when there is better coverage.

The web interface:
Users should be able to log on to the web interface, browse through the pictures and order prints or dvd’s with pictures on.

For the sever part:
The administrators should be able to easily select complete group folders to burn to dvd’s, delete, download and so on.

It should be possible to set alarms, when for example a account is one year old (so it can be deleted when a subscription is running out).

A few comments.
• The system must be designed so that it is easy to make multiple languish versions. This goes for both app’s and for the web part.
• The source code must be delivered at the end of the project.

We are interested in an itemized total price quote.

Skills: systems-programming