Fix Java Script Issue (almost works but has these problems)

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Job Description

I have one page that has a form with some basic data. The form has an action that posts the data to some url (PHP script). The same data is posted using jQuery AJAX to another PHP script on the click event of the submit button. Both of the PHP scripts work fine. The problem is with the jQuery AJAX. The jQuery AJAX script is working but only in debug mode (when you step through every line of code in the debugger) or when the page is fully loaded.

The javascript code is located in a external my_script.js file. The file is included in the index.php where the form is located.

I repeat again, the javascript code in the my_script.js file is working just fine but only if you go through each line of code with the debugger OR if the page is fully loaded.

It's tested in Chrome and Firefox. No javascript errors are shown in the console of both of the debuggers (Chrome and Firefox), but the problem still exists.

Please qoute: 5578 so i know you have read the problem above properly