Web scraping, automated database creation

Web scraping, automated database creation


Job Description

Everyday, numerous people are posted on www.reportyourex.com.

I am looking for someone that can pull/scrape the following information from peoples "profiles"(such as this one http://reportyourex.com/ex-report/jeffrey-william-hocker-bermuda-dunesca-ellensburg-wa-usa/)

The following information is needed:

*You will notice that the title of each post is structured in the following format:
Name of individual, city of residence

a. The persons name
b. City
b. The date of the posting
f. The content of the post(i.e the message about the person)
I. Screenshot of each individual post

Most importantly I need the following:

1. The information above that I request to be scrapped needs to be gathered on a daily basis or in "real time" or as often as possible without duplication. I need this information to be aggregated into an excel spreadsheet that we can access at any time.

2. In addition, I would like the requested information above pulled/scrapped from all previous "profiles" that have been posted on the website since it began, and put into an excel document.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you very much,


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