Need Email Addresses for Existing List of Names

Need Email Addresses for Existing List of Names


Job Description

We need to validate and gather email addresses for the attached list of names. Preference will go to someone who can demonstrate expertise in identifying email addresses as well as overall cost of the bid.

Steps required include:
1. Validate that the each person in the excel spreadsheet is still working at the company
a. If so, move to next step
b. If not, please identify the correct person’s name
c. Enter the correct name and title in the spreadsheet
d. Highlight the changed fields in yellow
2. Please identify the email address for each person on the list
3. Place the email address in Column I – Employee Email Address

Please use the tools and techniques that you believe work best as a first step (i.e. Web Scraping). However, Rapportive is a good tool to locate single email addresses. Important items required to use Rapportive include:
- A Gmail account, if you don’t have one already
- The Rapportive plugin from to get rich contact information inside Gmail
- In the attached spreadsheet see tab “email permutator” to determine the possible permutations of an email address
- Watch the following YouTube video for tips on how to use Rapportive
- For each of the names, enter them into the sheet, test the email address possibilities (as described in the video) and place the validated email address in the correct row.

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