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In need of a very detailed and efficient AutoCAD professional to help with "As-Built" drawings. We will provide freelancer with hand sketches of existing building layouts including walls, doors, windows, millwork, plumbing fixtures, etc. They are required to convert into useable AutoCAD files.

These drawings are used for tenant layouts and building marketing purposes. Many times these AutoCAD files are given to architects/engineers to create Construction Drawings - so accuracy is essential.

We are in the process of screening freelancers who can help us with future requests.

We already have a preferred sheet layout and style that we give to our clients. It is extremely important that all elements match.

Several things we provide in our files -

-General dimensions of the spaces. Please note the style of dimensions I show on the AutoCAD file.
-Site map key
-Include scale and north arrow
- BOMA useable space numbers and common area square footage.
- Formatted title block with address and additional information
- millwork

I have attached an example set of hand drawings we provide. Also attached is an .pdf of the a file created in AutoCAD based on those hand drawings. (last page).

Please give us an estimate of how much you would charge to create (3) AutoCAD floor plans similar to the example attached. Each building is roughly +/- 7500 sf. Please give us a realistic time-frame of how long it will take to complete once awarded the project. This needs to be a flat fee - or "not to exceed" number. Please factor several revisions in your quotes. I know that this is a process, and it may take several rounds to get required results for all (3) floor plans. All hourly rates will be ignored.

Preferred candidate (individual or company) should have the following skills:

- Ability to read working drawings and building floor plans
- Background knowledge in Architectural style drawings is a plus (However, not necessary to be a registered Architect)
- Proven knowledge of AutoCAD and layers
- Highly organized and great communicator (English).
- Fast turnaround. We work at the speed-of-business.
- Graphic design skills and knowledge of Adobe Creative suite are a plus. We are asked occasionally to convert to colored plans. We are also asked to input plans into graphic flyers or presentations.
- Examples of previous work as it relates to this posting will be helpful.

** I can not emphasize communication enough. I usually like to Skype with freelancer to answer any questions or discrepancies. It is important that they have a clear understanding of my expectations before investing time into working.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions.

Best Regards, Derek

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