Thunderbird Pluging Addon

Thunderbird Pluging Addon


Job Description


the program must:

1) import readable pdf file (min 1 max 200 pages)
2) recognize "title field" (one title for each page)
3) generate chart (first column "Title Fields")
4) recognize "@" symbol inside each page of pdf file
5) compile the previous chart putting in the second column a list of email addresses present in each page of pdf file (in each page, for each title it's possible there are more than one "@" field....)
6) possibility exporting chart in xls format
7) possibility sending as many newsletters as many "Titles". Each newsletter to all "@" fields present in the same "Title" page. If there are 200 pages in the same pdf you have 200 different newsletters.
8) THE OBJECT OF NEWSLETTER have to be the "Title" field
9) possibility of rules to send newsletter ("do not send newsletter to the address containing the following words:.......")
10) possibility attaching annexes to all newsletters

Required format addon Thunderbird 17 or superior. Compatibility with Microsoft and Ubuntu System

Skills: import, pdf, newsletters, gmail

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