Seo expert for and related sites.

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

online retail company is looking only for a high quality knowledgeable Search Engine Optimization coordinator. Must clearly understand what needs to be done in an e commerce environment, must understand what building good links is, relevant links, must be a able to contact other sites, share links, must be able to submit links and tell if the directories are good, not good, must clearly understand how to build strategy on how many links day is OK to submit.

To put it in a nutshell we don't want to see a typical robot who will manually submit to every possible place that is relevant or irrelevant, we want to find a smart individual with knowledge who will provide clear impression that he or she understand what they are talking about and will bring solutions to the table.

People who cannot answer simple questions such how do you tell bad link from good link, how many links a day you should build, what sites should you contact for link exchange, what is seo in general, should not apply for this job and should not waste our time.

Please pretty please I will ask again and again if you cannot clearly make an sen strategist understand and learn what our business sis about and bring solutions, please don't apply and be courteous to our time.