Side Scroller Game for Iphone and Ipad

Side Scroller Game for Iphone and Ipad


Job Description


We are looking for good coders who are fast, able to hit deadlines and are reliable .

We have a game we want coding. It will be for the iphone and ipad. We work through testflight so we need to test the build each week.

There are 3 game modes for this game (story mode - 10 levels to survive and at the 10th level is an end boss)
co - op 2 player game mode so that 2 people can play the same game at the same time.
Survival - Infinate enemies that get harder as you last longer. You can buy weapons, ammo and upgrades from the pc like in modern warefare THIS GAME IS 2D NOT 3D THAT IS JUST A REFERENCE TO A GAME!
The game has 10 different but small backgrounds.
There are around 9 different weapons with some land mines, gun turrets and other cool stuff to add.
99% of artwork is all complete, we have sounds and music and even a Game Design Document for you to look at. (GDD will only be sent once an NDA is signed and returned back to us!)

We feel the game would only take 1 to 2 months to code for a skilled coder. The game looks complex but really is not!

If you are interested please show interest, we need to see credited games you already worked on and at the top of the message on your reply type "GS" just so we know you have read this!


We need daily reports on what work is done
Communication is very important, you need to be available on skype in working hours
At the end of each week we need you to upload the game to testflight so we can test and give feedback on any bugs to fix
You agree the source code is owned by us and not you
You agree to upload the source code at the end of each day to our dropbox account.
You agree to not use, give away or sell the source code at any time

By applying for this job you understand our terms and agree to them.

Attached image: Last Boss battle on last level!

If the coder works well and hits all targets more games will need coding!


Skills: ipad, test, design, games

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