Online Marketing : Researcher

Online Marketing : Researcher


Job Description

Searching for a fast, responsible, intelligent researcher for various research and data collection for articles in the field of online marketing . We will have varied and numerous research tasks.

Extensive knowledge and experience in the online world is a must. Intimate, verifiable acquaintance with the world of online marketing is essential. Varied and intensive contact with online content on online marketing is what you'll need to succeed with us.
Research well, and deeply, yet quickly. Know how to exhume the crucial facts out in minutes. Be a true professional.  Your English must be excellent. Finally, it is imperative you be honest and reliable in your communication.
And for your sake, Love what you do. Be punctual and realistic. Always aim for perfection.
Stay reachable. If you are on oDesk or Skype thats great. We expect replies to queries  within 48 hours (unless its a holiday) :-)

The Position

Your Skills
1. Hands-on online research capabilities - Know how to use google well and fast, as well as other engines.
2. Expertise in your field - We want you to let use about new and important things in what you explore, not the other way around.
3. High level knowledge of English language - Non native speakers of extraordinary repertoire may be considered.
4. Adaptable & Easy to work with. You need to be eager for feedback, and show you know how to use it.
The Work

To apply please include -
1. A list of 5 tools / websites / services /directories etc that you use when researching, or that you follow or use yourself.
2. Provide link / attachment with your work, that is the most relevant to this assignment.

Those of you with outstanding credentials, who will follow the above guidelines should expect to hear from us very soon.
We promise lucrative work, and plenty of it. Apply and join us today.

Skills: marketing, research, english

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