Hardware Development - Computer Engineer Needed.

Hardware Development - Computer Engineer Needed.


Job Description

I would probably guess there are very few on oDesk if any at all capable of doing this job, but I will pay a good price if it can be done, including cost of microchips and parts.

What I need is an ASIC chip programmed with the SHA256 hashing function, and that's right you guessed it, I wanna mine some serious bitcoinage! I don't know too much about computer engineering, but I did some reading about a chip kit called the Arduino kit, would this be capable of being programmed to have a sufficient hashing rate? Ideally I want to harness 1,000 Ghash/s or 1 Thash/s. This may be impossible with one chip, but if you can economically pull it off with multiple chips into one "mining rig." I would pay good money for that. If you know nothing about what I'm talking about please don't waste my time asking me about it and saying it sounds interesting, just google it. Computer engineers welcome!


Skills: microcontroller, computer-hardware