Create Vsphere Vswitch in One data center And Redirect all Traffic To Another


Job Description


we require a skilled Vmware ESXI administrator who is good with networking.

We need a Vsphere switch created in two datacenters,

the traffic from one datacenter's virtual machines will need to be sent to the other datacenters vswitch and than forwarded to the internet.

You MUST be able to:

Create a Vsphere distributed switch
Able to add standard switches to this vsphere switch
able to add vmnetwork to vsphere distributed switch

Once this is accomplished

We than need to do the same thing at target datacenter

but the traffic will be than dumped onto the internet here at the target

We require you to be highly experienced in this field as this can be a very difficult task, This set up is already in a production environment,

There is no room for error.

Please apply if you are 100% confident.

Thank you for your time.