Need advice on development of online database...

Need advice on development of online database...


Job Description

We have an idea of what we want, but no idea which is the best way to go about it.

We need an online facility for freelancers to register and fill in there skills, upload a cv, their price etc. We also need the ability to search for a freelancer with different skills, key word, cv etc. We need the ability to export data to csv etc or to a different system, per record and in bulk (has open API - so could be integrated)
At the moment this is just for the use of internal staff. We would also need the ability to email one or multiple freelancers.

Looking for some one who can offer advice and suggestions at this stage (no coding at the moment). Is there something off the shelf that could be modified, or does it need coding from scratch? At present our website is using Umbraco and is hosted on our own rented server. Is there an Umbraco add-on which can do this?
So we know you have read over half way through and it is not just a generic response please mention the word 'apple' at the top of your response.

We are looking for someone to give us a short report on the best way of going about this, reasons why, drawbacks of each solution, possible further development and an idea of the hours needed to complete.

More info will be given.

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