Job Description

Hello everybody!

We have a need for a Very Simple Virtual Assistant Job!

First, We have about 30 Real Estate Properties that we collect Monthly Payments on in the state of Georgia USA.

Problem: Some of the Customers do not pay on time. I have another VA that is tracking the payments now, She keeps a detailed spread sheet of when they paid, and how far they are delinquent. I am the one that usually calls and says
"Hello, you are late, when are you paying?" I make detailed notes and Text, Email, Call etc to remind them. Everyone is very nice and usually a bit embarrassed. Most of them are really good people. This does not take more than 2 hours or so a week, then I email my VA back and update her. I am very detailed in my email, so she will know whats up! So, the deal is, I am busy during the week on some new projects, and I do not have time every week, even if it is just a few hours. So I need to pass the baton to a very nice person. Oh, by the way, Occasionally we have to go to court and evict people, but we always treat them with respect. I am not looking for A-Holes to be rude. Most just need reminders, not to be treated like a DOG! They are still our clients and we treat them how we would want to be treated!

So, Here is what we think you will need:
1. Good English Skills, They have to be able to understand you clearly.

2. A good working phone, and one you can use with Google Voice, That way they do not call your cell phone back at night, LOL.

3. Able to work East Coast Time in the USA. I usually do not call past 7:30 Pm and not before 8:00 am in the morning.

4. Email, Phone and Text Capabilities.

Remember, if you have a job now, Great! do this on break or while you are watching your kids. Just make the calls in a quite area. We prefer someone living in the USA, because the phone needs to be clear etc.

This is not a lot of work, but it is a little extra money that might help you out and help us out.

Please Give us your BID for this work. Remember it is Easy and we are Nice!

Thank you,

Skills: english, customer-relations

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