Data Search & CopyPaste Entry : Find 16 GERMAN Cooking Recipes

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Looking for someone to do very simple copy paste work. Contains research on only 2 German websites and data entry will be copy paste. Future work will follow quickly.

1. Find the 16 best rated cooking recipes of a certain category (will be provided) on those websites

Not less than 20 ratings. More than 100 would be perfect

2. Copy those recipes in a formatted word document (will be provided)
Tip: Paste the text in the word editor to take out all formatting and from there copy it in the word document.

3. Fill out an excel sheet with the name of the recipe, link to recipe, rating, # of ratings, # of views (will be provided)

If delivered with high quality and on time, 4 sets of 16 recipes will follow. A month after that another 5 sets will follow as well as similar future work with a possible 25% increase of payment.