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Job Description

A custom boat in 3D CAD basically is what I want done. $20 flat rate pay. The boat is a 2 story catamaran/SWATH hybrid boat that is both powered and a sailboat in one! It's a sound concept and I know it can work. Fuel effeciency is a possible problem, but basically it can work. I already know that for sure. So, it's a concept that's groundbreaking. Not looking to patent this one (I have an electric car invention too), or to keep it secret. But, let me know if you can offer a lot more with this project than just a drawing such as business startup funding for me... if not, that's OK. Let's get this drawing out and so I have a realistic idea of what I might be in for as far as design looks and cargo space (other things too). To be successful at this, you definately need to know something about boats or at least boat design along with 3D CAD experience and a current program to draw the boat up in. Contact me for the fine details, if this interests you. I live in Florida U.S.A. My name is Kevin Eidsmore.