Finding the Relevant Contact and Email - Advertising Industry

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Job Description

I have a list of about 275 companies that I need to find not only the most relevant contact, but also the contacts email address. This information needs to be listed in Excel showing the company name, contact name, contact job title, city the contact resides in, and the contacts email address (if you can find their phone number as well that would also be great but not required).

Need you to search the internet via linkedin, google, company websites, jigsaw, and any other site that you can find to find this information.

Within each company, the most relevant contacts I am looking for are involved in Mobile Media Planning. First and foremost I am looking for Media Planner, Media Buyers, Client Managers, Account Executives, Account Managers etc. I am not looking for the CEO's or the CFO's. I need ONLY relevant contact of people who have the ability to spend money in MOBILE advertising. If for some reason the company is too small and does not have any dedicated positions to Mobile Media Buyers, then I am looking for anyone who has mobile experience but may be doing digital media. Digital media is secondary to mobile. If neither one is around, then the closest relevant contact you can find. Please note that I will evaluate these however, so any contact will not suffice.

I will be starting with about 5-10 people to work on this project. I have thousands of companies that I need done and will expand to scrapping companies not in my list as well. Out of these 5-10 people, I will at first evaluate their amount of contacts and email addresses, and quality of work, and will stick to 1-2 people who are doing the best possible job.

The format I need in excel is the following:

Company Name/Contact Name/Contact Job Title/Contact Location/ Contact Email Address/Contact Phone Number

DO NOT CONTACT THESE PEOPLE, I simply need their contact info.