CakePHP 2, RSS, Integrate with

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Hi There

Please integrate the blog with Please use your own technical approach.

In the end it should be integrated and possible to
1) see / search for blog posts in search on demo-greenings, integrate in front page & rss
2) synchronize blog posts once every day by a cron job
3) 20% is reserved for a good idea from you
optional) show comments of blog posts on
Please obey to side-conditions e.g. technical strategy. E.g. see

Most important is a working solution in three weeks

We suggest 300$ for this job.
10% in the beginning. 50% with first demo. 80% when no bugs left. 100% after four weeks of evaluating and not finding any bugs. -20% if not in time.

- CakeDC/DebugKit
- CakePHP-Facebook
- CakeDC/Migrations
- CakePHP-Mongodb
- Twitter-Bootstrap-Helper
Infrastructure: (IAAS Openshift)
- CakePHP 2.2.2
- MongoDB 2.2
- Jenkins (
- PHP 5.3.x
- Github
- pear.phpunit.

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