Facebook Page Content Creator

Facebook Page Content Creator


Job Description

In need of a social media marketer with a focus on facebook. Main goal is to achieve 15k fans every month.

- Focus on managing my facebook page (funny niche).
- Extensive social media experience
- Manage/Use twitter, youtube, pinterest, tumblr, blog or any social media platforms to plug/market my page. This is optional, only to help achieve (main goal)
- Upload 5 videos and 2 pictures a day (may be more), need it to go viral
- Think strategically, willing to implement new ideas for successful marketing tactics
- Can work independently
- Able to gain 15k likes on the page per month, fixed payment will be given if achieved (main goal). Likes should be legitimate, third party such as "autolikes" is not permitted.
- Need to have at least 5 facebook accounts to upload videos as facebook sometimes block you from uploading i.e (infringement)
- Someone who has pages and have a lot of likes/fans is beneficial as you can use that to advertised
- Majority of my viewers are from the Philippines, so Filipinos will be preferred.

PS: When applying, let me know what your techniques are to reach my expectations. Thanks