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My client has a wordpress site and they are selling 5 products. They now want to have resellers to sell the products for them. Is it possible to install a plugin so that the following can happen

1. A dedicated page on http://tinyurl.com/lrw8ees where resellers can login with a preset password that we will give them
2. Every seller will have a unique code
3. They will login to a page that is identical to our existing reservation page
4. They will fill in the details as normal and resellers will have an option to put in any special discounts, etc, which he may have given to the client.
5. In this reseller page, there has to be a matrix as follows.
6. When we appoint a reseller, we will agree a rate of commission eg 10%. The reseller can choose to keep the 10% for himself or give part of his commission to the customer to close the sale. In this event, we would need the program to automatically calculate into the database the commission agreed, eg 10%. And if the reseller gave a discount of 2% then they would get a commission of 8%. This should be calculated automatically
7. In summary, when we view a resellers account, we will see the discount agreed and the amount payable to them , which will take into account any discounts given
8. We need to be able to export this database into Excel to do daily, weekly, monthly summaries.
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