Corona/lua app project

Corona/lua app project


Job Description

We are looking for a talented Mobile Application Developer who will be responsible for developing a Corona/Lua cross-platform version of an existing iOS app within a 2 week period.

Demonstration of some of the key functionality of the app is here:

We provide all the web-service/server-side components (e.g. chemical drawing, molecule, target name searching, detail lookup, etc..), you just need to build the client interface in the Corona/Lua project environment that resembles the iOS version, issues the server-side searches and renders the results data.

Searches are initiated in the client app to our servers and results are returned in XML format. The client parses the xml and renders the results as shown in the demonstration. The app will need to run as iOS and Android apps - relying on Corona cross-platform capability.

The app needs to leverage a web-views - e.g. no coding is necessary for our javascript-based chemical structure drawing which will be called as a webview within the app. However, control going back and forth between native and webview may be necessary. All chemical structures are either downloaded in base64 encoded pngs in the XML or retrieved server-side upon request. This is not an htm5 app.

Your responsibilities:

- Develop Corona/Lua version of the client app

Your qualifications:

- Programming languages: Lua, Corona development environment, iPhone/iOS, Android, Java, HTML, CSS, Objective-C
- A work style that is extremely detail oriented
- A complete Elance profile
- References or an established Elance reputation preferred