Graphic Artist


Job Description

1. Need a graphic artist to update an existing logo. See attached photo. New logo to use existing colors and to be square in shape. Main change is to draw a new chef in the bathtub. Please include a hat and red neckerchief but draw a new face. Chef to be wearing a similar style shirt with a frying pan in his hand. Keep cabinet flying in the air above the frying pan.

Phone number to be changed to 650-888-4745

Need to add. to bottom of sign. Phone number and web address to be easily read. Lic # at bottom of sign can be small. License number is 556166.

2. Second logo to be a square logo used as a gravatar. Same artwork as item 1. above but only text on Gravatar should be Kitchen Bath Palo Alto.

3. Third logo would be a rectangular logo with the horizontal access longer than the vertical access. This format would be used for a Facebook custom business page and a wordpress blog header.

Job scope includes 3 reiterations of the work if necessary.

Artwork to be in jpeg and vector formats.

Skills: facebook

Open Attachment