Audio-video production editing expert for 3 minute documentary style video

Audio-video production editing expert for 3 minute documentary style video


Job Description

There are currently 25 million slaves in the world, more than at any other time in history. We are a small nonprofit creating a website to help free as many of them as possible, where visitors can help free slaves through donating and/or volunteering for anti-slavery organizations, and/or through raising awareness via their social networks.

We need an introductory video that will play for all people when they arrive to the site.

It will start with an old African American spiritual song about freedom in which there will be several seconds of singing, then fade to low level background singing during voiceover narration while photos of modern day slaves show that relate to the narration, and then end with a few seconds of the same singer.

After the video, the front page will show. During the video, we will have a Skip Intro button, and also a “Don’t play this again” checkbox” in the bottom corner. And we’ll have a “Play intro” button on our front page for people who want to watch it again (but don’t want to view it every time they come to our page).

The above will be about 1 minute long, then we need another similar clip for our other anti-slavery site that is about 2 minutes long. The same components apply: music mixed with voiceover and slides in the background.

We have some very great pictures that are very moving. We also will supply the voiceover narration clip in an audio file.

Skills needed for this:
* Excellent at the technical aspects such as mixing the sound parts so e.g. the initial singing is at the same volume as the voiceover.
* Great sense of visual aesthetics so you can crop the photos to the size that looks best
* Great sense of timing, so that the photos are timed to appear at the moment that they’d have the most impact on the viewer. And there is the right amount of space between the singing and narration for maximum effect. You might also need to extend the pauses between the narrator’s sentences a little bit if he didn’t pause enough .
* Attention to detail, and interest in fiddling with the timing of slides and audio.

If you’re interested, please let us know:
*How much you’d charge per hour for this project
*How much free time you have between Thursday morning E.T. and Friday at 8pm E.T. If you apply on Thursday, just let us know how much time you have between when you apply and Friday at 8pm E.T.
*If english is not your native language, rate your written english ability 1-10 with 10 being perfect
*If you have a resume and/or link to a website or LinkedIn page, please include it.

A friend of mine is co-president of Dreamworks TV, a large TV production company that just produced a major documentary that showed on TV for the 50th anniversarry of JFK’s assassination. I’m connecting with him on Friday night and need to show him the 2 video clips to see if he’ll make a donation, to see if he’ll send our 2 sites with the videos to his movie star friends to get their support, and to see if he’ll make a documentary about the modern day slavery problem. If he likes your work, he might well hire you for major projects that Dreamworks does. He’s also connected to their movie studio, and his direct boss is Steven Spielberg who he’s in daily contact with.

If he or the movie stars donate, we’re also going to do other videos for these and other websites. We don’t have a big budget at the moment, but everyone who’s seen our demo websites says they’re going to be quite big and do a large amount to help people in great need. So this work you do will be meaningful, and not simply helping a company make profits.

If you apply, we’ll email you a link to the front page of our site.

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