Outreach Management and Relationship Building


Job Description

We are looking to hire a person that has experience with blog outreach and website outreach. The right person will be able to take a list of websites and go out and contact all the people on the list and build up those relationships.

Pay will be dependent on your level of experience in completing this particular type of task. You will need to have great communication skills both written and verbally. You will need to be highly organized and be able to multi task on a daily basis.

To apply:
1. Please respond to this job posting and tell us what type of experience you currently have for what we are hiring for, please be specific in detail.
2. We would like to know how many WPM you can type.
3. The right candidate would be able to explain the best strategies to us for contacting website owners and bloggers in order to establish a solid relationship.

1. This will be dependent upon experience.
2. Growth potentilal will be avialble for the right candidate.

Skills: management, writing

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