Netsuite Custom Reporting SuiteScript

Netsuite Custom Reporting SuiteScript


Job Description

Needs SuiteScript developer to pull multiple saved search reports and merge into one.
This person will also need to help with new multimillion dollar warehouse operation. Scripting for labeling and integrations with EDI, ASN, BarCoding.

Example Report

Daily Sales Top 10
Customer $Amount
Total $Amount

New 2012Q4 - $Amount
Carryover 2012Q3- $Amount
Total $Amount

Shipped 2013Q1 – $Amount **Pace for $17.0M**
Journal Entry – $Amount **Will be backed out of revenue at end of Q**
Open Orders - $Amount

Top 10 Domestic Accounts YTD
Customer $Amount

Top 5 International Accounts YTD
Customer $Amount
Total International Q1(orders) $Amount
Total International Q2(orders) $Amount
Total International Q3(orders) $Amount
Total International Q4(orders) $Amount

Skills: netsuite