Create a survey in Google Forms

Create a survey in Google Forms


Job Description

I need to create a survey that will capture data from a respondents, and store the data in a Google spreadsheet.

Ideally, I'd like this to be done in Google forms. Users will be given a link to complete the survey, or sent an invite by email, as is usual with Google forms.

What is different about this form is that the survey needs to be customised so that values entered in the first step by the user are then redisplayed in subsequent questions.

So in the first step a user enters up to 12 names with initials e.g. Adam Ant AA, Brenda Bacon BB and Clare Cat CC. In the next steps, further information about AA BB and CC is requested.

(If you're familiar with network surveys Step 1 is a name generator and Step 2 is a name interpreter.)

Here's a link to the specification:

This is a trial job, including just three survey fields (or items as Google forms calls them), to see if what I'm asking for can be done in Google forms. Successful completion of this job will lead to a second job with the complete survey, including further customisation.

In your response, please indicate how whether you think this request is feasible and how long you think the job will take. If you can suggest a different way to achieve the same end result, I would welcome your suggestions.