Web-base application development

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Job Description

We need a simple user friendly we-based application to manage and review our program management project. So this application would ned to have:

1. A application form on excel where applicant can log-in and complete.
2.A first and second review sign off process
3. Document management upload function
4. login function with password specific security function
5. Eligibility checkpoint process with specific modifiable by me (administrator) criterias.
6. A sharefile for final review completion with ftp capability thta our client can view completed applications we have reviewed.
7. A table function which stores by showing all the applicants by name and social security. That we can click on and view their status as completed or in process.
8. A section where applicants can login from the web and check the status of their application
9. Final phase where myself the program manager can direct deposit claims payment in applicants bank account with applicant rounting and bank account number.
10. A customer support voicemail system to store complaints via voicemail for us to call back later.

Skills: management, mobile-application-development, application-design