Seeking: Web Developer to Help with Clickbank PitchPlus Sales FLow Problem

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We have created 2 PitchPlus sales funnel flows in Clickbank.

The way they are supposed to work is you click "add to cart" for the first product and enter all your payment details.

Then when you click "pay" you are offered the first upsell product (in our case this is The Social Life Fat Loss System)

If the customer clicks "Yes! Add this to my order" it should just charge their card and take them to the 2nd upsell.

However, our funnels are taking them to the checkout page again and asking them to re-enter all of their information for each upsell.

This will obviously kill our sales conversions so we need it fixed.

We are looking for someone well versed with both Clickbank and ideally the PitchPlus process that can get both of ours working properly.

Clickbank has not been helpful in resolving the issue besides a few suggestions and hypotheses that it may be related to a "Google API" or coding issue on our site.

I have attached a Word doc with some of that communication

We would like this completed within 24-48 hours if possible...

Thank you for your time,
Anthony DiClementi

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