Design of Distillation Column using ChemCAD

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Hi, I have relatively simple project for someone good with distillation column design in ChemCAD. I have an existing methanol distillation column (30 inch diameter, 20 sieve trays, 12" tray spacing) for which I have created a simulation in ChemCAD. All of the major parameters have been entered.

I need a designer to take this model and provide me with the following:

1. Maximum throughput at a given purity of bottoms and product.
2. Condenser sizing using ChemCAD and/or best engineering practices.
3. Reboiler sizing using ChemCAD and/or best engineering practices. Reboiler will be forced convection with a circulation pump.
4. Size reboiler circulation pump.
5. Optimize the reflux ratio (may be different form the theoretical minimum) and size the reflux pump.
6. Determine the appropriate feed tray.
7. Determine the appropriate tray for temperature control for a single point control scheme.
8. Provide a full report with all ChemCAD ouputs and your own conclusions. Must be in acceptable English.

The Simulation is attached. P&ID will be provided

DO NOT apply for this job if you are not an engineer or engineering student. DO NOT apply for this job if you aren't proficient using ChemCAD. We are not looking for software operator. We are looking for someone who has the technical experience necessary to derive meaningful conclusions from the ChemCAD computer simulations, not just regurgitate the numbers.

This is an hourly project, but please provide an estimate of the number of hours it will take.

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