Search YOUTUBE for Videos ( Applicants from different Countries Welcome )

Search YOUTUBE for Videos ( Applicants from different Countries Welcome )


Job Description

We are looking for people to search youtube for videos in your county and your language that include music and have a significant amount of views. It is important that the video that you do find are not by popular mainstream artist (basically international artist).


Here are some basic requirements for the videos:
1. Should have more than 750,000 views
2. Should have been uploaded within the last 4 years
3. The quality of the video is not important
4. It doesn't have to be an offical music video. Could be a video a person uploaded that has some music in it.
5. Any type of music and genre would work
6. Doesn't have to be a full song, could be a video with music in the background

Here are some examples:
1. Folk music or Traditional / National Music would work perfectly
2. Videos of kids songs or kids singing would also work
3. Street performances or amateur musician
4. Videos of people dancing to traditional music ( Weddings)

Your main task will be to make a list of links to these videos and submit them to us. As you can see this is very easy and basic job, we are looking for candidates from all around the world. Please submit a list of 5 videos so we can make sure you read the description and understand the types of videos we are looking for.

Skills: youtube, video, research