Help Me Find a Great Job in Malaysia

Help Me Find a Great Job in Malaysia


Job Description

You MUST know the Malaysian job market very well and what companies are looking to hire Western talent (I'm American).

I have a degree from a top 50 U.S. university (University of Washington), two professional certifications in Marketing Management and Mobile Business Strategy from the same school and have varied experience over 5 years working in business/marketing roles including experience in SEO, mobile marketing and running a business.

I'm a great problem solver, personable and able to think quickly on my feet and could be a very valuable asset with the right company.

What I'm Looking For in the Job:
1. Primarily it would be great to work in a business/marketing related role but I could also do management work in the hospitality industry.
2. I would like to make at least 50,000 USD annually.
3. In a city near the beach would be preferable (that should encompass most jobs anyway given that it's Malaysia)
4. Job must be willing to pay for me to relocate there.

Goals For You:
1. Find me at least 1 great job to apply to per 1.5 hours of work. Bid accordingly. (If you have a better idea for tracking your accountability, please let me know).
2. 4.5 hours of work per week until I land a job or am happy with my prospects
3. Job MUST be a good fit for my skill level and experience (Will provide you my resume via PM)
4. Having a western education should be an advantage for the particular job
5. DO NOT just pull any random job off of LinkedIn. Find me jobs that are a little more obscure and take a little work to dig up (eg: Just listed on the website of the particular Malaysian company).

Your Application:
1. Explain how you know the Malaysian job market so well
2. Explain why you'll be able to find me great jobs to apply for where my Western education will be advantageous

Will give you 10% of my 1st months salary (after I'm working there and it is paid to me) as a bonus for you successfully finding me a job that hires me!