Go Green Marketer

Go Green Marketer


Job Description

The Role: Go Green Marketer

Azuga is disrupting the vehicle and engine tracking market with amazing prices, easy installation and super-accurate fuel and idling data that helps companies reduce their carbon footprint. We are currently seeking a Marketer to put together a ‘go green’ package that we can hand over to our customers when they install Azuga G2 devices and software in their vehicles.

This is a contract assignment. Candidates can potentially do this part-time and work from home.

Experience and Responsibility:

• Passion for technologies that will help make the planet a greener place.
• Drive to understand how customers acquire new business and how they can further differentiate themselves amongst their prospects by implementing Azuga and promoting a green message.
• The deliverables for this contract would be a package that Azuga can deliver to its customers that describes how they can deliver a differentiating message in these various channels:
• Appropriate text to use create or modify their existing website with a ‘green’ page
• What to include in their next newsletter to convey their go-green-with-Azuga efforts
• What to say in a tweet
• What to post on Facebook
• What to say in a press release that amplifies the green message.

If you find this interesting, please send an email to careers@azuga.com

Skills: marketing