MVC3 website a search directory development


Job Description

I need to be sure that the work can be done quickly and efficiently as the deadline has already been put back and time is of the essence. Please only apply if you have lots of free time at the moment.

It's an MVC3 website, a search directory with extra functionality such as flag results and sending messages/logging callbacks. Most of this is done, it just needs some testing. A payment system has been set up, almost complete but the last few steps are outstanding - please tell us what's your experience with this?

Also need to refine the advanced search functionality, and in the future would like to add a TinyMCE feature for registered users to edit the blogs that come as part of their profile.
User profile pages also need finishing. Again, it's mostly there but work needs doing. We'd like to have the ability to upload images to a gallery for the user, but due to previous developer unreliability I'm not sure how far off this is yet.
Does this sound like something you can do? What sort of price am I looking at, and how long do you estimate it could possibly take?

Can I see some examples of your past work, and a breakdown of your skills?
I'm looking for somebody who is fully confident and capable of driving this project home.

Please send me links of your previous work like this.

You can visit my website to check me out at

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