Sharing Economy


Job Description

I need a list 0f 200-400 businesses in the sharing economy or collaborative ownership within the USA. I have started a list here

Qualified businesses include:
* Person to Person renting of any item (cars rooms etc)
* Person to Person ownership or services sharing (co ownership of homes, houses and co use of nannies etc)
* Person to person teaching, sales and jobs (,

Not Qualified businesses include
* out of the US
* No contact information at all
* serving less that an area of 50,000 people (eg East Lake commons tool share - serving on the the neighborhood community)

Organizations working on collaborative economy are also relevant

I would like to have the contractor find the 80 businesses and if they are doing good work I will ok another 80 and so forth until we are no longer finding qualified businesses in a reasonable amount of time.

Some sites to start with