Software Development Project For Industrial Application


Job Description

We are seeking a developer to build a software for us that has some of the following capabilities:

1. Profile system for unique users
2. Ability to cross reference scanned products with our own database
3. Ability to add items to a database on-the-go/immediately
3.5 The ability to take in data from a scanned item
4. Ability to work with Windows Mobile computers (i.e. the PDAs/scanners that were most popular several years ago)
5. An easily-navigable GUI
6. Cloud data management capabilities
7. Must be scalable for future updates
8. The ability to pull data from the cloud easily based upon the kind of item scanned

Contractor should have:
1. Excellent english
2. Clear understanding of Microsoft Excel and general server technology
3. Ability to engage in future projects

As far as payment is concerned, we do have a budget in mind, however we would like for you to provide a rough estimate in your initial contact. If this is not provided in your initial message to us, then we are less likely to respond with a request for an interview.

*Note that due to the sensitive nature of this project, we cannot discuss further details until after an interview has been conducted, as well as the signing of certain legal agreements.

Skills: software-development, data-collection