Virtual Avatar Controller

Virtual Avatar Controller


Job Description

This is a new and unique position loosely in the field of customer service. As a Virtual Avatar Controller, you will take on the persona of a software avatar and control various aspects of its behavior -- in particular, conversation.

You must have excellent social skills. You must be able to easily comprehend conversational, spoken, American English of various accents. You must also be able to quickly and accurately type written responses to what you hear in a way that is conversationally appropriate and correct in terms of spelling and grammar. For example, if you hear "I'm really tired today," you should be able to immediately respond by typing in something appropriate, such as "Oh, how come?" or "How about some coffee?" The above is the core of this job, but also you should be computer savvy and quick to learn new software interfaces, because you will need to use a web-based interface to perform other relatively simple tasks.

Skills: english, typing