Experienced Writer Needed For Sales Copy


Job Description


Do tell me what makes you a sales copy expert! Your response should start with: "What makes me a sales copy expert?"
...your answer...

Do tell me your skills and interests and not just what you have written about. I want to know what you are passionate about.

Do tell me the kind of salary you are hoping to achieve. I recommend you design a comfortable lifestyle on paper and give me a figure at what you would like to earn. I would like all my employees to make a comfortable living and achieve their financial goals with this job.

Do tell me your quote on:

1000,2000,3000,10,000,25,000,50,000,75,000,100,000 words


Don't just tell me what you went to school for because that only tells me what will be easy for you to write about.

Don't show me twenty sources of your work show me the best three you can find and put your best foot forward.

Don't apply for this unless you have written at least a dozen published sales pages online. I will make exception if you can show me at least one quality sales copy that I can prove is your own.

Don't write me a short nothing message to say your are interested. I get that much since you replied. Let's not be half-ass about anything.

Also ask me where to send your resume in order to make it past the first screening test. I will require you to upload your resume and portfolio to a Dropbox.