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We need incorporated on a site, to edit some of its contents..
The site was hosted on another server that was managed by the original designer, but since we moved to a different hosting, the original designer provided a backup that is stripped of software like ASP. He also removed any and all directory structure and clues as to original design.
He basically provided a bare bones, HTML only backup.

Please, take a look at the attached pictures (everything is described there), and let me know if you can create such editing platform on Hostgator hosting. If so, let me know the cost involved (it will be one-time fee, NOT HOURLY).
Please keep in mind that for now, all we need is a way to edit the cell phone "Brands" and "Models" as listed on the site.
As it is on the original site;
- I can edit or add a "Brand" like in picture Untitled-16.jpg
- I can add or edit a "Model" like in picture Untitled-13.jpg
Changing or adding a "Brand" will change the list as it is seen in pictures Untitled-7.jpg, Untitled-8.jpg or Untitled-9.jpg
Changing or adding a "Model" will add or change the models listed under that brand as can be seen in picture Untitled-10.jpg

The original site is at ( login is at:
The new site is at (and does not have this ASP login)

Best wishes,

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