Filipinos for Ongoing Transcription of High-Quality Audio Files

Filipinos for Ongoing Transcription of High-Quality Audio Files


Job Description


A. You simply have to transcribe audio files. You have the freedom to choose which files you wish to transcribe. You have the freedom to decide on when you’re going to work. You may work every day, if you can.

B. The audio files vary in content, but certainly do not require specialized or technical knowledge. Most of the audio files are EXCEPTIONALLY CLEAR, in that they are professionally and sophisticatedly recorded. Usually, the speakers are professional marketers, consultants, university professors, hosts and company managers and executives. They are fluent, profound and articulate in what they’re saying.

C. The audio files can be as short as 15 minutes, or as long as 2 hours. If you are an expert transcriptionist, you can actually finish transcribing one (1) audio hour of these high-quality files within 6 - 8 hours, and then spend another 2 - 3 hours polishing your transcript. We’ll pay $15 per audio hour.

D. You have to strictly conform to specific guidelines on clean-read, client-ready transcripts. You must be able to construct grammatical, properly-structured, and well-punctuated sentences. Also, in some cases, you will have to google some terms (ex. names of persons, places, products).


It’s a two-step hiring process:

A. GRAMMAR CHECK. In your cover letter, please answer these questions in two separate paragraphs, each of which should be composed of 5-8 sentences.

1.) What competencies related to transcription do you possess? How did you develop your proficiency in the written and verbal English communication?

2.) In what ways can you say that Filipinos have a unique celebration of the Christmas season?

B. AUDIO TRANSCRIPTION. Those who can compose excellent cover letters (in terms of grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation) will be given the final test, i.e., transcribe a five-minute audio file.

Note: Please check your oDesk message center anytime within this week and next week. You might receive notifications for the second test.

Skills: grammar, english, test

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