http://Real Estate "Predictive Targeting"

http://Real Estate "Predictive Targeting"


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Is there anybody or any company that has Predictive Targeting like has. if so what do you charge??

Using predictive modeling power you can focus my prospecting on homeowners most likely to sell their home in the near future.

This is from the company I am looking into.

We analyze each territory separately and test against historical results

Each customer in a territory is analyzed using geography specific modeling to determine the probability of each homeowner to buy a product or a service. This analysis is based on thousands of property and homeowner level data points and takes into consideration consumer behavioral differences across geographies. All this means your marketing efforts can focus uniquely on likely customers and drastically improve the return on your marketing budget.

Reach the Right Prospects First
Exclusive access to the best prospects keeps you ahead of the competition

80% of your marketing dollars are wasted on people who aren’t interested

Most businesses waste most of their marketing budget and don’t even know it. Print ads, “every door” direct mail, online banner advertising, yellow pages, or billboards are seen primarily by people who aren’t interested in your services or products. Using broad based marketing tactics to find prospective customers means you are paying for engaging everyone when you could be focusing your efforts and dollars on the 20% who are your true potential customers.

Focus on the 20% that need you

With the power of Big Data on your side you can focus on prospects who need your service or product. This proven approach will identify the right prospects when the data indicates they are ready to become your customer. Our platform gives you the power of this proven marketing science, and generates real results by letting the data tell you who to engage next.

Only you have access to your exclusive territory!

You select the territory that meets your needs, and you’ll own it. An exclusive right to target the likely customers in your area though our predictive analytics platform means you’ll have a significant advantage over your competition. Through a combination of online and offline tactics your campaigns are tuned to your custom territory and personalized to the homeowners identified by our analytics so you’re in front of prospects before your competition.

Our automated marketing platform tracks your active leads and includes ongoing relationship building campaigns. With multiple touch points and ongoing campaigns, you’ll be top of mind when targeted homeowners are ready to become your customer.