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Endnote Library


Job Description

I need four Endnote Libraries created.

In the endnote libraries to be created, for each article/book/book chapter, the Author, Year, Title, Journal, Volume, Issue, and Page Number fields will all have to be filled out. For the articles where it is available (i.e., most of the articles, none of the book chapters), I also need the abstract and keywords and DOI fields filled out.

I have attached a zipped file containing a sample EndNote library with the necessary fields entered. The zipped file also contains four Word documents containing the references -- I would like one Endnote library made from the references of each of these four files.

The easiest way to do this would likely be to search through each of these references in turn and compile a bibliography on something like CiteULike, but whatever works for you is fine.

Given that it would be much quicker to simply create the libraries (e.g., using a mix of manual entry and Google Scholar citation export) without the abstract, keywords, and DOIs, I may also be willing to accept bids without the abstract, keywords, and DOIs.

Thank you!

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