Debugging needed for code

Debugging needed for code


Job Description


We are seeking an Objective-C programmer to debug an app with memory leaks. More specifically, this includes running the app with zombies enabled and analyzing the memory leaks that are occuring within the app. Deliverable includes identifying the problem, and a $15 bonus will be applied if you can quickly fix the memory leak within 8 hours of accepting the job :)

Our ideal candidate will be someone who is passionate about developing top quality and CLEAN iOS apps. If you have a dry personality or arrogant about your developer skills, this probably isn't for you. We want someone who works fast and does good work, so we require that you have been developing apps for over a year and have done at least 2 apps in the last 6 months.

If all goes well with this app, we have 2 more jobs for you over the next week, and plan on developing 30 apps (mix of reskins and original apps) over the next 12 months. So please look at this as a long-term partnership test, as opposed to a quick job. (I'll tell you more about our vision and type of apps we will be working on in the Skype video interview)

I am a very technical person, and have coded myself, so don't worry, I am not a total newb and as you can see from this post...very organized :) We create screencast videos for all edits, to ensure that our communication is efficient, making the job enjoyable for everyone involved.

1. Reply with all of the previous iOS apps you've created and worked on. Only live apps with iTunes links will be looked at.
2. Tell us how long you have been developing iOS apps, and how many have you created? What type of apps, frameworks, or code do you particularly excel at?
3. How do you work? What time of the day? What days of the week? And what time zone are you in?
4. What do you need to be successful and HAPPY working with us long-term?

(Remember we are looking for long-term applicants, so please make sure you address ALL 4 questions)

Thank you to all applicants!


Lastly, only applicants who reply with: "September to Remember" will be considered, so that I know you carefully looked over this job post. And make sure to make this the first line in your reply so I can quickly filter applicants!