Bonus $ Design a Logo for my Recruitment Company Bonus $

Bonus $ Design a Logo for my Recruitment Company Bonus $


Job Description

We are currently using an open source logo and would like our very own. Please visit our site to get Ideas.

We are a start up Recruitment company (employment agency) with specialist niche markets. This request for logo is for our recruitment business.

I like simple designs that our candidates and clients ie Doctors and Specialists and their new employers can easily relate to.
This logo needs to define us in the market as follows..... strong commitment to delivering a highly responsive personal service whilst keeping it “simple”!

You will see from our website I like the little white stick man/people.

Ideally I would prefer something like the Attached picture file
and be able to have the words

The Workshop

plus a tag line that says or signify s the following - " We share your passion for building teams that work" "Team Builders" anything in this regards or close too.

This logo will be for our business cards, stationery, uniforms and coffee mugs and hopefully will be our trademark.

PLUS points for originality & not using existing designs or clip art
We look forward to seeing all of your designs and wish you the best of luck!

Need more Ideas skype me len.bland

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