Multi Screen - Random Number Generator - Raffle System with Remote APP

Multi Screen - Random Number Generator - Raffle System with Remote APP


Job Description

** Please only Bid on this project if your are an exceptional **
** program designer with skills in Graphic Design **
** and the ability to create something truly exceptional **

Raffle System ;

In Looking to quote this app, a similar system for inspiration would be
Should be used as a comparison tool, I do not wish this system to be copyrighted in any form.

If you install this trial program, I would basically like the functionality of this program, but with more visually stunning graphics
and multi Graphics controllers.

I need this newly created Raffle System, to be able to operate as individual raffle systems on the same network,


Site A
Random Number Remote
Graphics Controller
Back-end Reporting Tool

Site B
Random Number Remote
Graphics Controller
Back-end Reporting Tool

In Combined mode:

Site A
Random Number Remote
Graphics Controller
Back-end Reporting Tool

Site B
Graphics Controller
( Displaying the Draw of Site A )

Must be extremely easy to change modes and join site A and B Together, and to set back to normal mode;
Maybe an Icon on the Remote that is configured to search for the other draw, or is preset to join via a single click.
Possible press a second time, to take back to standard mode.

System Should have the following components ( Three Main Sections ) in addition to what can be found in clubraffle.

Application must produce TRUE Random Numbers

Front End - Graphics Controller ( Output must be High Resolution )

Must have the ability to have remote sites, that display the drawn numbers,
i.e Draw is conducted at site A using a IPAD App to conduct the draws,
Site A would have a graphics controller that would display the draw as it occurs,
Site B Would need to display the same results as Site A.

Back End - Reporting and System Settings
System needs to have customization,i.e Backgrounds, no less than 5 different templates/theme's.

Information such as draw history - information should have reports by using a unique draw number, by date, or by month.

A Members draw option is also required, It would need to interrogate a file named members.CSV.
This would be a random members draw, parameters such as how many prizes are on offer and a count down timer to claim prize
is required.

Remote - IPAD App Control
(*** Few Options with this , See Notes Below )

An APP would need to be written and able to be installed on any Ipad ( unlocked or not ) that should be able to
communicate with the graphic controllers.
Buttons such -

Start Number
End Number
Start Draw
End /Save Draw

And should display the Number Drawn on this screen which is the same number that would be displayed by the graphics screens.
IPAD Screen and Graphics Controllers should display number drawn, last numbers draw with a countdown timer on each drawn
number that then is removed from the displays after 3 minutes.
Other Specific graphic and specific related items will also need to be addressed during system creation.

Application should have a installer / Uninstall package Help File and should run on Windows XP, Windows 7.

*** Either, a Full APP able to be download from apple app store, ( Pending cost ) ( Preferred Option )
Or a Remote Desktop style situation, from the IPAD to a PC that Would then connect to the graphics systems ( Second Preference )
Or a Bluetooth or WiFi keypad ( Least Preferred Option )

Other Notes:

I would like Graphics and animations for draws, must be professionally created and be very eye catching with seemly transitioning.
I really am looking for a finished product that I can not buy off the shelf.

Payments will be provided as follows;

Commencement 10%
Sample Screens and Basic Operation Working 40%
fix bugs and customize system operation, Completion and all aspects of brief have been completed 50%

Fixed Price Project for a 100% completed project.

Budget Covers all Aspects of the design and implementation fees.
As such no further amounts will be paid, for a completed project.

Full Payment Will not be made until, I have a completed project with install package Instructions and a Whole system.

^^^ Make NO mistake, I am looking for a top notice, Bug Free 100% Completed Project, I need a Professional in this field, that will work autonomously and be Creative and Motivated to exceed my expectations.

Skype and Email to Communicate

Skills: design, graphics, ipad, mathematics, systems-programming, application-design